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Are you looking for smartphone accessories of a special kind? Then take a look at this category!

Wooden accessories: new and interesting

In this category we have a number of interesting wooden items in stock that can support your smartphone in a variety of ways: Our displays allow you to comfortably watch movies or talk freely, our holders serve as practical charging stations and our wooden cases protect your smartphone effectively in the everyday use.

Optically appealing protection for your smartphone

Our cases are made of real wood and plastic and protect your phone from scratches and bumps. At the same time, the areas for camera, flash and on / off button have been left out, so you never have to take your phone out of the case. The sturdy stands are flexibly adjustable and are suitable for all smartphones up to 10 mm thick. The installation angle gives you the best view of your smartphone or you can make calls with the hands-free function.

Innovative ideas made of high quality natural material

Our smartphone accessories show that modern technology and traditional crafts complement each other perfectly. Especially with smartphone accessories, the optical combination of austere black and warm wood tones is very appealing, which is why our smartphone accessories in your home will provide interesting and stylish accents. All items offered here have been designed and produced by us in Germany by hand.

Smartphone accessories in a sophisticated design

Choose here the new accessories for your smartphone and enjoy the great look. A look at the enlarged pictures shows you the special charm of each type of wood.

Smartphone and wood: An unbeatable duo that you can bring home with our product line!