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A neat display case serves as a figurehead for your restaurant

The first impression is decisive

Mediate a serious and cultivated impression. Our menu boxes made of wood or metal have a tempting effect on your guests already in the entrance area. Present your food and drinks in a professional way. With a high-quality menu box you make a good impression on your guests. With it you influence the decision of passers-by, whether they want to stop by your place or not, significantly. With an appealing and high-quality menu box, more guests will choose your restaurant.

High quality for a long service life

The showcases score with a classic and elegant design, are made of solid oak and can be illuminated. Since the information boxes can be locked, they are protected against access by unauthorized persons. The pane is made of shatterproof 3mm acrylic glass

Connection-ready LED light for long service life

The showcases are illuminated with LED lamps, so the menus and drinks are easy to read even in the late evening hours. The energy-efficient and bright 4W LED lamp is completely mounted and only needs to be connected to a power outlet via a cable.

Discover our high-quality showcases and order your favourite today!