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Shine with your calculator made of fine wood - it offers you perfect functionality in a natural style.

Natural design meets smart innovation

Calculators made of fine wood are an attractive accessory for your desk at home or in the office. The wooden case blends naturally and stylishly into the arrangement of your workplace. The computers offer a smart combination of technology and nature. The computers have all the relevant calculation variants.

The always functional pocket calculator made of precious wood

The calculator is incorporated in a sturdy and durable wooden case. In this way, the stylish calculator gets its stability and remains your faithful working tool for a small eternity. The finely ground wood forms an optimal housing. The carefully crafted case reveals a high level of craftsmanship and accurate machining.
Especially convenient to the computer is that the operation of the computer requires no batteries. You can use the calculator without batteries. He can do this because he is solar powered. Therefore it is always functional.

Calculator with all important calculation variants

With these calculators with the valuable wooden housing you can apply all important and common calculation variants. He will be of great use in everyday life and in the office.