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Our wood

Holz-Fichtner works with high-quality wood species

We at Holz-Fichtner exclusively use selected wood species for our high-quality products. In this way we ensure the impeccable quality of our articles on the one hand, but at the same time we also have control over the origin of our wood. This enables us to make our own personal contribution to the protection of our environment.

Which wood species are we using?

Exotic woods may look beautiful, but their deforestation often has fatal consequences for the climate or the health of a particular landscape. This is why we at Holz-Fichtner only use wood species for our products that come from sustainable forestry in our region. This also has the advantage that the timber only has to be transported over short distances, which in turn protects the environment.

The wood species used by Holz-Fichtner are mainly popular hardwoods such as beech, oak and ash. In addition, we also like to work with various fruitwoods - they often have a beautiful colour and a great grain.

We also use the smallest parts of the tree

In addition to solid wood, which we can use, for example, for the production of unusual wood products, we at Holz-Fichtner also work with veneer wood. It is made from smaller pieces of wood that cannot be used for furniture construction and would otherwise end up as waste. Due to the wide use of the available material, fewer trees of different species have to be felled. At the same time, this enables us to offer you very favourable prices for our high-quality products.

For heavy-duty everyday objects, we at Holz-Fichtner use plywood, which is also made from the smallest parts. It consists of several wooden panels glued together, making them extremely stable. Plywood can be produced from all types of wood and thus also helps to fully utilize our raw materials.

We support the work in our homeland

Our various wood species not only originate from the region, but are also cut for us in sawmills in our vicinity. In this way we at Holz-Fichtner secure jobs directly on our doorstep.

With Holz-Fichtner you make the right decision

We at Holz-Fichtner are a craftsman's business that is now in its third generation. Our love for wood is in our blood, so to speak, and responsible handling of it is an important tradition for us, which we like to cultivate. No matter whether you are looking for a high-quality product made of wood or want to discover unusual ideas - we are the right partner for you. Why not discover right away what we can conjure up from our various types of wood!