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Handbags made of wood, model "Hippo"

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Handbags made of wood, model "Hippo"


Bilder von "White Elephant Photograpy"

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Wooden handbag made of Vavona wood
Wooden ladies handbag "Hippo" Vavona burl
The stylish wooden ladies handbag "Hippo" is made of the finest Vavona burl! Best quality thanks to first-class materials In addition to wonderful jewellery, it is above all aesthetically lavishly designed handbags that create a charming...
€159.00 *
Wooden handbag, walnut burl
Ladies handbag made of wood "Hippo" walnut burl
The wooden ladies handbag made of the finest walnut burl "Hippo" is a real unique specimen as well as attractively designed! A beautiful design with exceptional texture Fashionable accessories are what modern women love so much. In...
€159.00 *
Ladies handbag made of sumac wood
Women's handbag made of sumac wood "Hippo"
An eye-catcher with quality: Your new ladies handbag made of wood "Hippo", more precisely made of sumac wood, will surprise you not only because of its design. The very special handbag for fashion conscious They are made of leather,...
€159.00 *
Handbag made of maple wood by Holz-Fichtner
Wooden ladies handbag "Hippo" maple grain
Our ladies handbag made of wood is a very special accessory: it convinces with its exclusive design and its individual look. Natural material wood: classic and elegant With the ladies handbag made of wood your appearance will be really...
€159.00 *